Theresa Holloway, LCPC
410-751-9205 x 121
410-751-6191 (Fax)

1997     Loyola College
             Masters Degree in Counseling, Psychology

1999     Loyola College
            Advanced Degree in Counseling, Psychology

Maryland, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, #1974
Distance Credentialed Counselor: Centers for Credentialing and Education, #00261

I have worked in counseling for the past 16 years in a variety of situations.  In particular, I find that working with adults, individually, who are experiencing difficulties in their lives to be rewarding.  In this regard, I have developed the skills and expertise in motivating individuals to strive for change and to find a way to overcome their problems.

I have worked well with adults who find themselves in unsatisfying or abusive relationships.  I have a passion to help people find their inner strengths in the hopes of gaining the skills and courage to move away from toxic, abusive, and unhealthy relationships; which many find so hard to do.  I strive to encourage and support inner growth and respect.

I have also worked with bereavement and people suffering loss and despair.  I have a great desire to help people pull from inside themselves the courage and ability to weather grief and come through the process with a wholesome feeling of surviving.  I strive to help them change their pain from desperate to achieving a very difficult but well deserved pride in themselves. I truly believe that seeing grief as a process and a natural part of life, that pain changes and though it hurts, it does not seem insurmountable.

I have also worked with new parents in helping them learn appropriate and healthy parenting styles.  I have helped parents who have differing views, come together and work toward unity and consistency; which is so crucial to be effective as parents and promote positive changes in their child's behaviors.