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Matthew Miller, LCSW-C
410-356-3344 x 110
410-356-4459 (Fax)

1997     Carleton College
             B.A., Psychology

2005    University of Maryland
             M.S.W., Clinical Social Work

Maryland Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical, #15147

Hello, I'm Matthew Miller, a clinical social worker.  I've been in the field of mental health for 15 years now, working primarily with children and families at Villa Maria.  I have had experience working with hospitalized clients at Kennedy Krieger, in community programs, foster homes, and working with youth at risk of violence through a program run by the city of Baltimore.

We all sometimes find ourselves in a place in our lives where the decisions we're making are different from the decisions we'd like to be making - whether that's about how we treat ourselves, treat others, or how we're working toward our goals.  I see my role as assisting my clients in understanding this process, and helping to build new strategies that work better.