Divorce/Domestic Mediation

There is no way to avoid the emotional pain of ending a marriage, but there are non-adversarial ways to divorce without destruction, losers and ugliness. Getting stuck in the feelings depicted above, long term, does not have to be your outcome. Therefore, the separation and divorce process you choose may be the most significant decision you will make today.

With the Mediation and Collaborative Law processes:

  •  There is an increased probability for a good outcome... where assets are distributed to maximize the benefits to ALL.
  •  Options are generated prior to decision making which leads to INFORMED DECISIONS and less destruction.
  •  When the parties make their own decisions the RESULTS ARE MORE ENDURING because each person owns and is committed to his/her outcome choices.
  • The parties have control over the divorcing process at a time when there is a high amount of chaos in their lives. This control increases the feeling of SECURITY AND SATISFACTION.
  • You can expect the process to be LESS CONFRONTATIONAL than court.
  • Doors can be opened for families with children so that communication can effectively continue to flow after the divorce... for the good of the children and the ongoing POSITIVE CO-PARENTING RELATIONSHIP.

In the end, there is emotional resolution which gives life after divorce the freedom to truly LET GO AND MOVE ON.

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