Amy Tanick Shulkin, Ph.D.
410-356-3344 Ext. 119
410-356-4459 (Fax)

1979    University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
            B.S., Psychology    

1982    Colorado State University
            M.S., Counseling Psychology    

1991    University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
           Ph.D., Counseling & Educational Psychology

Maryland Licensed Psychologist


After 25 years as a licensed psychologist, I continue to feel energized by helping clients develop new insights and skills which will enhance their self-acceptance, relationships, and quality of life. I work with individuals on a wide range of issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, post-traumatic stress, communication and self-esteem. I particularly enjoy integrating Eastern concepts such as mindfulness and meditation in my work. Much of my experience has been in University Counseling Centers where I have worked with individuals, couples, and groups, led educational workshops, taught , and supervised graduate students who were training to become therapists. I also worked as a middle school psychologist for seven years. I have raised two children as well as several golden retrievers, and when I am not at New Perspectives my favorite places to be are in the art studio or performing on my violin.