William K Levey, LCSW-C
410-356-3344 x 122
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1970     Community College of Baltimore

1972     University of Maryland, Baltimore County

1986    University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Social Work & Community Planning
            MSW, Clinical Social Work    

Maryland Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical, #05771

Hello!  My name is Bill Levey.  I am a clinical social worker.  I enjoy working with older adolescents and adults who are interested in making changes in their lives.  Life changes take many forms and range from improvements in their mood, their relationships, and/or their satisfaction with work or with life in general.  I have extensive experience in working with couples to resolve difficulties in their style of communicating so that they can work through difficulties and get back to the enjoyment they shared and that brought them together in the first place.  I also work with individuals who are experiencing difficulty finding enjoyment in one or more aspects of their lives.  Anxiety and depression are often signs that a person needs to make some changes in how they deal with things.
My approach to working with people comes from several places.  I have training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal theory.  In therapy we often take a look at life events that have brought about and continue to support negative thoughts and unproductive behaviors so we can understand why they are there in the first place.  This is quite helpful in determining where to focus our energies in therapy.  The cognitive behavioral (CBT) approach helps people look at how they think about a situation so they can make a change in how they feel about it and ultimately what they do about it.  In therapy, I help my clients to identify thought processes which create and support sad, anxious, hopeless or angry feelings.  We then work as a team to change those thoughts into more positive thoughts which promote and sustain more positive feelings and foster meaningful change.  Interpersonal theory involves taking a look at relationships and how they work.  By combining these three approaches to helping people I am able to assist them in making meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.