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Kerry Ford Morancy, lcsw-c

410-823-3344 Ext 135
410-823-1214 (Fax)


     1993 George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

               Bachelor’s in Psychology

     1999 Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

               MA, MSW in Pastoral Ministry, Social Work


   Maryland Licensed Certified Social Worker #21649

Counseling Experience and Philosophy

I have worked with children and adolescents in various settings for over 15 years including group homes, residential treatment centers, elementary and middle schools and outpatient clinics. My work included their siblings and parents as well as other adults in outpatient clinics. I have facilitated therapeutic groups to enhance children’s spirituality, to process grief and bereavement and to learn social and coping skills while teaching anger management, conflict resolution and meditation practices. I have been trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which has benefited children and adults with whom I have worked due to past abuse or current traumatic experiences in their lives.
It is a privilege to walk with someone on their journey to wholeness. My philosophy of wellness includes all aspects of an individual (mind, body, spirit) as well as the family system in which they were raised and/or live in currently. I use humor and warmth to help individuals process their experiences. I am humbled by the sometimes difficult work in which my clients engage. I have used various techniques in counseling including play therapy, guided meditation, zen doodling, drawing, and painting. I believe therapeutic work can be challenging and fun at the same time.